Thanks Everyone

We’ve only been up for a bit over a week and already we have received a great response. I would like to thank you – the security professionals, hackers and just plain interested netizens for reading my blog and for taking such an interest in the content. I wouldn’t bother writing articles if it wasn’t for the ever climbing views I see in the logs.

In our first week(ish) we have covered #badBIOS, the Adobe breach, “evil” consumer products from China, the problems in trusting trust and so much more. I have strived to make the content interesting and generally speaking won’t make a post unless I believe we can deliver something interesting to our readers.

One thing I have noticed is that while many view, only a few comment. This is unfortunate as we have seen on other blogs that the viewer discourse can eclipse the content. Don’t hesitate to get involved and share your opinion. Comments will only be lightly moderated where I am absolutely required to do so (blatant advertising, nonsensical ramblings, death threats, etc). I don’t believe I have the right to “whip” people for having an opposing view. As always please try and be courteous but I will not be a BOFH and feel that moderation is some god like power that I must exercise!

A quick thanks are in order to everyone who has provided pointers for subjects covered. You know who you are.

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