Updated Warrant Canary

Given the reasonably long hiatus I have taken from actively participating in security blogs I felt that an updated warrant canary wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Here goes.

Hash: SHA1

I - the writer of this blog, identified by the pseudonym "Mike The Crypto Goat" and with PGP key ID B7A04065 (current key, 4096R, expires 2015-10-26 and issued to replace 6054D4D2 on 2014-01-04) state, under penalty of perjury, that I am categorically not in the employment of the United States government, nor do I perform any task for the aforementioned entity in any capacity. Furthermore I state that I am not an agent, employee or intelligent asset of any government. As of this day I have not received an order under FISA or any other secret (or otherwise) court and am under no duress as I write this statement to this effect. While I understand that the mentioned law, while abhorrent and unconstitutonal (and thus invalid) can effectively be used to 'gag' the free expression of this individual, I will not and shall not sign such a declaration if any information contained within it is not truthful, or where the information within it may be misleading. I will comply with this even if it ultimately results in the contravention of a court (an illegal and unconstitional one at that) order.

As I write this declaration it is 19:05 UTC on Friday April 11 2014, and the DOW sits at 16,023.93 and the NASDAQ at 3,994.55 with the markets still open. Yesterday's USA Today reported that "The Nasdaq composite index, prone to big drops lately, tumbled 129.79 points, or 3.1%, to 4,054.11. It was the worst point drop since Aug. 18, 2011, when the index dropped 131.05 points." On reuters, the head news story is "A fresh face on Obamacare" with secondary stories "Detroit closer to exiting bankruptcy after swaps deal approval" and the possibly alarmist "U.S. says Hackers trying to use Heartbleed bug."

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