Warrant Canary Now On Dedicated Page

In an effort to clean up the primary page I have decided to put the text of each canary on its own dedicated page. The latest warrant canary will always be available at https://mikethegoat.wordpress.com/canary from now on. Whenever I update the canary I will make a short one or two line post to the main feed, but will relegate the entire signed post to its own page.

This shouldn’t be misinterpreted as a deprecation of the canary concept. Indeed, I will continue to religiously update the canary at a minimum of every month unless there is a reason why I cannot comply. If you do not see a current canary, then assume that I have received an NSL or similar judicial compromise.

To make it easier for the viewer to verify, I will note the expiration date of the canary. Expect to see an updated and PGP signed canary posted to this page no later than the 4th of July.

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