Banner Art – I’m Working On It!

Okay, so quite a few people have been amused at the fact that I haven’t changed away from the stock banner photos. I have actually sent some ideas to an artist to see what can be done, one of my favorites being a goat raising the flag at Iwo Jima, with the “hill” comprised of broken PCs labeled with privacy invading concepts such as ‘key escrow’, etc. Kind of like the NetBSD attempt, but more political. Don’t quote me but I believe that NetBSD changed their logo to be a little less “in your face” as a consequence of a number of developers of Japanese heritage taking offense at the logo. In any case, I digress – I am aware of the issue – and unless you are willing to volunteer your services as an artist to remedy the situation – please sit tight and I will get some art organized as soon as I can.

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