Canary Page Updated (Probably Leaving) and I’m Still Alive

Hi everyone! I’ve been away for quite a while. Work and family life have got the best of me, and I simply haven’t had much time to do anything remotely enjoyable – and well, authoring articles for this blog falls into the latter bucket. I have leave coming soon and intend to spend at least some of that time catching up with the people over at Bruce Schneier’s website and those who have commented here and/or e-mailed me. I apologize for the delay.

The canary has been updated and re-signed less someone think I’ve been taken captive by the CIA and forced to eat rodents for dinner. I am considering doing away with the canary page due to its limited utility, I make a brief but considered statement about this on the canary page itself.

2 thoughts on “Canary Page Updated (Probably Leaving) and I’m Still Alive

    • It could mean nothing, it could mean something. I guess what I’m trying to say here is not so much don’t trust me; more than that, it’s a case of don’t trust anyone as nobody is trustworthy anymore. It might sound like something that comes from the mouth of a paranoid schizophrenic or an old hand that’s spent too many years as a ‘special’ foreign visitor, but there is truth there. Hypothetically I could be compromised and be too scared (or have too much to lose) to say anything at all. I’m not saying that’s the case, and the date stamp was obviously in error but if I *was* would it change the amount of trust people place in my commentary? It shouldn’t – as people who know better shouldn’t be trusting anyone at all. That’s unfortunately the state of things in IT Sec these days.

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