Updated PGP Key Page

During my hiatus I hadn’t updated the PGP key page to provide the key for my newly minted key. As you know, I configure gpg to have my keys valid for just one year to mitigate the dangers of having a key with a long expiry (key theft, etc. is just one of many reasons having a sunset date is a good idea; of course, ensure that you have the revocation certificate for each key ready, perhaps on a USB stick, so that you can take immediate action if anything ever happens).

So, if you haven’t already please head over to my PGP page and cut and paste the ASCII armored block of keys into your software and run an import (on most flavors of BSD/Linux/etc if you are running GNOME, KDE or a similar desktop environment you can just cut and paste the block into a terminal window running gpg –import <<EOF and then use “EOF” on its own line to indicate the end of the input (this feature is what’s known as a ‘here document,’ if you are interested).

Otherwise just be lazy and use the MIT key servers. If you’re using gpg, and all the keyserver to keyserver communication is working correctly you can probably be even more lazy and just issue a gpg –recv-key 0x18209AB6

Please ensure you provide me with your public key prior to commencing with secured conversation. Thanks again!


This Goat Ain’t Dead Just Yet

Unfortunately I’ve had an exceedingly busy time with family members seriously ill amongst a heap of other things that, individually would not rank highly but in concert have made for a very unhappy, anxiety ridden time. Rest assured that this blog and the commentary that it brings isn’t going anywhere and if my hiatus continues much longer I may bring in a few colleagues to post interesting news and findings on my behalf while I slowly recover from this exceedingly stressful time.