I’m Not Dead; Just Vacationing

As Mark Twain reputedly quipped, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”; I’ve been relatively inactive for the past six months concentrating on my personal life, which admittedly had been neglected for quite some time. I intend on getting back to work very soon, so please watch this space.

I also enjoy hearing from all of you, so please e-mail (PGP key in the button above) so do say hello! I shall endeavor to be back on deck within the next two months.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead; Just Vacationing

  1. Mike,

    It’s nearly a year you’ve been on holiday… You’ve not fallen into a crevice have you?

    Oh RobertT poped up the other day over in your old stamping ground. Which raised the question of if you were still around.

  2. Hey Mike tried to email you, I get an error “Policy rejection on the target address ” and your pub key is out of date

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